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Blake Levi's Profile

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Blake Levi

Customers rated Blake Levi 5.0 out of 5 based on 39 reviews

Is sex dirty? Only when it is being done right. W.A.

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Blake Levi's Details

18cm (7in) Uncut
Last Online:
Mar 24, 2023
Eye Color:
Pubic Hair:
174cm (5ft 9in)
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Hair Length:
June 15th
84kg (185lbs)
Body Mods:
Sexual Role:

Blake Levi's Likes

I consider myself like a openmind, gentle and disciplined person. I enjoy learn different things everyday, help if someone need something from me, listen and have a great conversation like a good way to make the energy increase and enjoy more from ourselves in many ways. Also im a sports fan, for now I just go to the gym but I used to play soccer since my school,It is a great plan to meet people and exercise our body, even that made me a competitive and disciplined guy. I feel great doing things to help my family and the people who I love, even more if they deserve it, I believe that empathy is a tool for personal growth and it helps us understand the people's situations. Also I enjoy activities like walks, movies, series, books (although I don't have a great habit) and so many things.What do I consider attractive in a person?His way of being seems to me the most important thing, that he does not try to pretend to be someone he is not, that he is trustworthy and honest. It is also important that you want to achieve your personal goals and work towards them. His tolerance and open mind to new situations or opportunities that help personal growth, finding solutions and not locking himself in the problems that may arise. Someone who feel sexy and pretty, doesn't have to be perfect but doesn't have to feel bad for not being. Someone fun and with empathy.

My Fantasies

I want to get my university's grade so I keep studying, also I want to give my mother the peace of mind of not worrying about any financial reason or any type of worries and achieve personal things, I want to get material things like my own apartment or a car, although they are not happiness, provide comfort and become a vehicle to live better. To know many places around the world and feed my own knowledge with many cultures. As a webcam model I want to be one of the top guys in the site, and I'm willing to work for it to the point of seek for a place in the Hall of Fame, because one of the things that motivated me to be part of this industry was to be able to represent it and speak without taboos and with certainty about it.What goals have I reached in my life? From a young age, as a family we had a challenge for which we were not prepared, we had to reorganized our life since my father's dead, so for us be where we are today, is a goal so far, and we keep having goals to reach. In my life, I've reach some goals, in my academy life I did a great job at school and then reaching a place in the university I wanted to be, was a great moment for me and my family, even more cos is one of the best ones in the country. In sports, specifically in soccer, I managed to wear the captain's band, gaining the trust of the coach and the rest of the team, even playing in one of the most important fields in the city.

My Obsessions & Desires

I have been always so attracted by guys who can give me new experiences, I am always up to learn! So, if you can be my teacher and give me some lessons I will be a good student and I will use my skills to add something that make that moment unforgettable.

Additional Info

In free chat I like to involve every user who is in my room, obviously giving more attention to those who have te capacity to pay or who are animating the room with tips, I enjoy to flirt with the users, knowing what they like and making them know that I can give them a great show, developing a fantasy and giving them ideas of what we can do to satisfy ourselves. Also giving some prizes if they deserve it or if I can give them, if I can't do it, I try to take them alone with me. I like to talk with the users to know them better, use some oil (if they like or prefer oil), many music genres, camera sweeps, try angles, flex's, kisses, etc. In my private show I like when someone take the time to know me better and have a great time with me, because that allow me to make a great show and acomplish all the request that one or many users can give me, and in the same way I enjoy a lot when thats happen, because I feel that im doing a good work making their fantasies come true. I like to dance, touch and play with my body, give good views, make the user feel confident and comfortable with me. The most important thing is give the feeling of a great and worth it time. What I don't like to do on my broadcast? I don't like to be in a rush with the users, sometimes they never talk to you when you're alone with them, so is hard to know what they really want and sometimes they leave and you don't know anything about them. I don't like the users who ask many times for free things or personal info like your number, because that is annoying for all in the room. Request of put inside my body things away from toys, like furniture, decoration or food.

Special Info

What are my favorite topics of conversation? dont have favorite topics, but I like to know about others countries and cultures, current issues, sports, movies, series and music, even I try to find information if I dont have any knowledge about the current topic, if I cant find it, I try to learn from the user knowledge, making questions or jokes trying to get more info from him.Music, almost all of the genres. I try to see the lyrics to practice my speaking and sing.I like sports, soccer and basketball are my favorites, I used to play soccer and I don't have too much knowledge of basketball but I enjoy the games or when they're playing for the championship. My favorite colors are black and white, especially in clothes. I prefer the cold weather, but the sun is great when you're going to the beach, pools, sports, but for the day to day I prefer the cold.I like movies and series, I dont have a favorite genre of them. My favorite food is pizza, also I like burgers, italian food, healthy food, and I like to try new tastes.

My Fetishes

Anal, Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Humiliation, Leather, Nipple Play, Paddling/Spanking/Whips, Submission, Wet and Messy

My Sex Toys

Ball Gag, Butt Plug, Fleshlight, Handcuffs, Nipple Clamps, Whip

Role-Playing Scenarios

Boss / Secretary, Coach/Trainee, Cowboy/Cowgirl, Dirty Talk, Gender Play, Master / Slave, Student/Teacher

Tip Target

1% Completed
Target: Help become my dream real!
50,000 Credits
Target details

Who would like to go for a ride with me?! Well, that's why I want to get my own scooter! This target will be my first installment to get it! Help me please and I will be really thankful!

Send tip for this target

Top Contributors

1. JohnnyBG
2. j-hov_a1a
3. briand24
4. TenjinsTree

My Recent Reviews

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March 19, 2023
james9464 wrote:
I came into Blake’s room when he had just come to the end of a party. He was in the process of cleaning ...
March 19, 2023
Boy-evin19 wrote:
Blake is a sensitive boy, very helpful, sweet and very sexy, five stars are not enough6u, it would take ...
February 26, 2023 Blake is amazing! He is handsome, sexy, and the perfect package. He is able to bring your fantasies to ...
January 22, 2023
theojonee wrote:
Blake is very sexy and kind he knows how to keep a conversation, and he makes sure you just as horny as ...
January 16, 2023
SoldierGuy2 wrote:
Just had my first session with Blake. He has a great body, nice cock, huge cum shot and gives a fantastic ...
December 7, 2022
zebra765 wrote:
Just at a wonderful Party with Blake. I liked that his big hard cock was front and center at the same ...

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